How to Avail of our Services

  1. Original Visa Approval
  2. Special Power of Attorney (SPA) – A written authority with an attested signature of the employer, authorizing MSL STARS HUMAN RESOURCES CORP. to act as his/her attorney-in-fact in the recruitment process.
  3. Service Agreement / Recruitment Agreement – A service contract of agreement between the principal/employer and the local recruitment agency.
  4. Manpower Request / Job Order – A document that especially indicates the quantity of workers desired and the salary for every available position.
  5. Standard Employment Contract – A contract entered by and between the principal, the agency, and the worker. It indicates the terms and conditions of employment and salary offer.
  6. Photocopy of Employer’s Valid Business License / Commercial Registration – This should be translated to English and must be authenticated in the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)/ Philippine Embassy closest to the job-site.


Recruitment Services


  • Phase 1: Procurement of Manpower Requirement
    The employer is expected to procure the necessary requirements stated above.
  • Phase 2: Manpower Pooling
    The employer/agency may pool applicants through various websites, Special Recruitment Activities (SRA) and walk-ins.
  • Phase 3: Selection
    The employer may select applicants through the examination of their C.V.s, conducting interviews by Skype and in-person.
  • Phase 4: Documentation/ Certification
    The required documentation must be authenticated; visas must be stamped.
  • Phase 5: POEA/ Embassy Processing
    The agency handles the processing of OECs and all other documents pertinent to the POEA and the Embassies.
  • Phase 6: Deployment
    The agency provides general assistance to applicants:
    assistance with final documentation, pre-departure orientation seminars (PDOS), and work-related training up to departure.

Employer / Applicant

  • Phase 1: Application and Recruitment
    The applicant may send documents on the job posting found on the internet, attend SRAs, or apply through walk-in.
  • Phase 2: Selection
    The employee is thoroughly interviewed and screened appropriately according to company standards and/or requirements set by the employer/agency.
  • Phase 3 Licensing/Certification
    The applicant should successfully complete the Prometric Exam, IELTS exam, trade test, or any other international qualifying exams required by the employer. They should also be medically qualified.
  • Phase 4: Documentation
    The employee should provide the agency and the employers with complete documents and an updated passport, PRC ID, NBI clearance, and 2×2 I.D. picture.
  • Phase 5: Personal and Professional Enhancement
    The employee will undergo a series of work-related training
  • Phase 6: Deployment
    The employee is provided with general assistance, including final documentation, and PDOS up to departure